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Property Development

A development programme that is focused on producing the very best industrial properties has underpinned the success of our business and positioned it for long-term growth. Around 90% of the core portfolio has been developed by Goodman since 2004, including the world class Highbrook Business Park in East Tamaki, Auckland.

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Building strong development partnerships

Where your property is located, how it’s designed and how efficiently it operates, are all important factors when choosing the right property for your business.

Goodman properties are strategically located close to consumers and major transport infrastructure to provide easy access to your customers. While our high-quality, sustainable designs maximise productivity and create a great place for your people to work.  

Our track record of developing logistics and distribution centres, warehouses, business parks and data centres, means that we have the technical knowledge and experience to create the right property for your business to thrive.


Strategic locations

Strategic locations: Our development sites are located across Auckland, the gateway to New Zealand.

Industrial spaces

Estates, warehouses, logistics facilities and distribution centres are located close to consumers and key infrastructure such as arterial roads, ports, airports. 

Development services

From concept to delivery, we have an in-house capability to deliver on all aspects of the development process. This ensures "ownership" by the Goodman team to deliver on time and to specification. 

Sustainable development

Goodman’s properties are designed to continue to be efficient and highly functional long into the future. We achieve this through the use of sustainable design fundamentals combined with innovative materials and building automation.

Our extensive experience plays a key role too. Goodman’s designs have been shaped by our many years developing cutting-edge logistics properties. And our green buildings incorporate wellbeing initiatives that positively impact our customers and their workforce.

Sustainability features are built into Goodman’s design process, and we continue to work closely with our customers to uncover new areas to push boundaries, together.

Some of the ways we help:

  • Sustainability  – Goodman’s sustainability initiatives can help you achieve your own sustainability goals. Current initiatives include developing carbon neutral buildings; prioritising renewable energy; installing solar panels and electric vehicle charging points, LED lighting and rainwater harvesting.
  • Intelligent building design – We understand what you need to boost your productivity and optimise space. Goodman properties feature clear heights; truck access; products flows; storage configuration and automation integration.
  • Creating communities – We add value to local communities and the wider economy by generating jobs, creating infrastructure, and enabling people to have the goods they need. Our largest estates also include cafes, fitness, and recreation facilities.  

To provide our customers with world-class buildings we’re continually evolving our properties to reduce energy use, maximise the sustainable use of resources, and champion the latest design innovations.

Sustainable development

We believe that sustainability is an integral part of the product we deliver and the way we do business. Goodman works with our customers to deliver sustainable property outcomes that meet their expectations and requirements.

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Green Star certification

Green Star is an independent rating tool, developed by the New Zealand Green Building Council, that assesses the sustainability attributes of the project and the quality of the workspaces it provides.

Targeting a 5 Green Star Built rating on all new development projects, Goodman’s base-build specification ensures its new warehouse and logistics facilities are industry leading.

A 5 Green Star Built Rating represents New Zealand Excellence. 


Brownfield developments reuse, reduce and regenerate

Goodman’s development programme is increasingly focused on the repurposing of strategic brownfield sites.

The inner-city location of these properties provides the greatest efficiency for customers focused on last mile delivery, minimising travel distances and transport-related emissions while improving speed to market.

The redevelopment of these often-obsolete properties into modern, efficient, sustainable distribution facilities improves the efficiency of the industrial building stock and makes use of existing infrastructure. 

Through intensification of use it helps limit urban sprawl, while the recycling of demolition materials reduces landfill waste.

Over 70% of the current Auckland development projects are being undertaken on brownfield sites.

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Your dedicated team

Goodman has a dedicated team of experts who manage the development process for you from concept to completion. We understand the complexities of planning, infrastructure and building design, but most importantly, we work closely with you to understand what you need from your property. 


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With development locations across Auckland, Goodman partners with you providing the flexibility and expertise to create a solution that grows and changes as your business does.

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