Customer case study Skellerup Group | New Zealand
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Customer story: Skellerup Group


Skellerup Group (Skellerup) has been a customer in the Goodman portfolio since 2008. At this site, Skellerup manufactures and distributes high-tech flexible polymer and foam materials used in the construction and marine industries. The wide range of construction materials supplied help make buildings quieter, warmer, more energy efficient, durable and environmentally safe. The business also works with designers and product specifiers to develop custom foam and soft material components, providing innovative solutions for marine, electronic and leisure industries.


Operating for more than 20 years, continued business growth led Skellerup to critically reassess its property requirements. Partnering with Goodman, the customer sought to improve operational efficiency by consolidating existing business premises in Mt Wellington and Highbrook into a single, larger facility. Access to Auckland’s manufacturing precincts and major transport networks was a high priority for the customer, with the environmental performance of the new premises also being an important consideration in the decision-making process.

Goodman Solution

Savill Link, Goodman’s warehousing and logistics estate in Ōtahūhū, was selected for its central location. Positioned between the SH20 and SH1 motorway networks, it enables fast product distribution and provides easy access for clients of Skellerup. The existing 6,300 sqm building was upgraded, reconfigured, and refurbished to meet the specific business needs of the customer. Loading docks were removed to enhance vehicle flow and distribution efficiency, while new technologies were installed to improve the quality of the workspaces. A rooftop solar system provides renewable electricity while sensor-controlled LED lighting and low GWP refrigerant air conditioning are also highly sustainable. Electrical submetering and a smart building management system allow monitoring and optimisation of these services, improving energy efficiency and lowering occupancy costs.


With its commercial functions centralised in a well located and highly sustainable property facility, Skellerup now have business premises that are truly fit for purpose. Better distribution channels and more efficient use of space also provides capacity for future growth. With the health and wellbeing of its people central to its business strategy, the provision of high-quality workspaces is expected to provide wider benefits to Skellerup with improved staff engagement and satisfaction.